Student Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

About Jessie FUNK

Jessie Funk has been teaching and mentoring students for over a decade. She holds a leadership certification from Notre Dame University and a degree in Psychology. Jessie is the Executive Director of the Non-Profit organization, Ivy Girl Academy.

She has authored six books and as a professional singer she has released five albums adding the dynamic element of music to her presentations.

She loves to speak at school assemblies, leadership conferences and student events.

The lost art of lady hood


Two Chapters from Jessie's Book

Essential Skills to Be Confident & Classy

Jessie Funk


It's All About CHOICES.

Jessie takes a research-based approach to teaching the importance of making good choices. She gives students four proven tools that can take their lives from average to extraordinary. She addresses healthy vs. toxic relationships, bullying prevention, lessons from history's greatest leaders and she does all this while sharing personal, hilarious stories and dynamic pop music.

Benefits Include

  • Tool #1: Leaders choose to believe in themselves.
  • Tool #2: Leaders choose to outsmart the bullies.
  • Tool #3: Leaders choose to set healthy boundaries.
  • Tool #4: Leaders choose to forgive and move forward.

Work with Jessie

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