For over a decade, people have allowed themselves to be inspired and motivated by the words of Mr. Aric Jackson. His mission is to Teach, Inspire, and Encourage all those who hear him, and to take the challenge of helping others pursue their goals and dreams.

What began as passionate poetry designed to uplift the spirit has turned into the pursuit of effecting attitudes and changing conventional thought. A charismatic and genuinely heartfelt communicator, Aric truly electrifies an audience.

After realizing how effected his audiences were by the poetry he would share, Aric began to feel the tug of moving to the next level with his words. Selected as "Best New Speaker" in 2000 by the Chicago Chapter of the International Speech Organization, Toastmasters, this recognition made him realize how much he wanted to pursue this and how much a void needed to be filled with students, youth, and grownups across America.

Watching him speak on stage helps you realize why he is such a unique and gifted orator. For it takes a genuine speaker to present information with shared experience, passion to research a topic much deeper, and to share that information with the audience using skills that will make it a memorable and exciting experience for all.
Aric has he served as the Keynote Speaker for such organizations as Future Business Leaders of America, Health Occupation Students Association, DECA,FCCLA, National Association of Secondary School Principals LEAD Conferences, and many Statewide Student Council Conferences across the country, plus his message has been televised in over 65 countries.

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51 Practial Ideas for Student Leaders


Don't Be Scared!

In life there are two ways to live, In Fear or IN ACTION.  However, before action can go forward Aric reveals a proven methodology that helps students, leaders, and staff release the fear and then produce unprecedented results. 


  • How to destroy "The Box" which is the one hidden factor that hinders performance and diminishes desired results in school and life.
  • A powerful and proven method for discovering each individuals authentic leadership style.
  • How to Make A Difference with three tangible strategies that deliver results.

The Ripple Affect

Do you really know the impact your words and actions have?  This Anti-Bullying program does not give most of its attention to the bullies.  Rather, its main focus is on those who have experienced bullying. Through authentic conversation and helpful exercises, students quickly realize how the smallest of things can have the largest effect!


  • Authentic conversations about the effects of bullying.
  • How to create a positive impact in your school and community that leaves a lasting impact.
  • The SAFE way to go from being a "bystander" to "upstander."


To inquire about booking Aric Jackson to speak, please fill out this inquiry form or call TYS Speakers at (800) 799-1460.