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Award-Winning Youth Motivational Speaker

Josh Shipp is the most acclaimed youth motivational speaker in the world…featured by Good Morning America, 20/20 & Oprah. He combines heartfelt inspiration, laugh-out-loud humor, and practical strategies to drive change.

Josh had a traumatic childhood. He was abandoned at birth, thrown into many different foster homes. Abused, Addicted, and Suicidal… Josh KNOWS what it means to be a teen in trouble.

Thanks to caring adults Josh was able to triumph over the hardship, and had dedicated his life to helping kids and families succeed.

“Every kid is ONE caring adult away from being a success story.”
-Josh Shipp

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Audience: Teenagers

"The Teen's Guide to World Domination"

Josh speaks in a way that’s entertaining and grabs the attention of even the most difficult teen immediately. It’s NOT a lecture. It’s a practical message delivered with heart and humor.


  • Making SMART Choices
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • How to Get and Stay Motivated
  • Positively Influencing Your Peers
  • A Practical Solution for Bullying


"In my 15 years of being in education, Josh Shipp is hands down the best speaker that I have ever seen. I heard rave reviews from parents, staff and students for months."
—Karla Reisner, Veteran Educator

Audience: Parents, Educators, or Caring Adults

"The Grownups Guide to Teenage Humans"

Josh Shipp was a foster kid, class clown, a rebel without a clue, a trouble maker. He was written off, kicked out, and every adult’s worst nightmare. Until one caring adult changed everything.

Learn from his wealth of experience of working teens, parents, and educators from every walk of life. This program is part inspirational “keep at it” and part practical seminar “here’s exactly what to do.


Topics Covered:

  • The 5 common mistakes to avoid
  • How to get through to ANY teen
  • Case studies of what works AND what doesn’t
  • Simple and effective ways to let teens know you care
  • Helpful Real-Time Q&A


"When it comes to understanding the minds of teens, there is no greater expert than Josh Shipp. I've witnessed firsthand the lives he's transformed."
—Ellen Rakieten, Executive Producer of OPRAH

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World Class Speakers Endorsed by Josh Shipp

If a scheduling conflict or budget constraint prevents you from having Josh at your event… GOOD NEWS!

You can choose from a handful of outstanding speakers that Josh handpicked for their unmatched expertise and ability to deliver an absolute world-class message. These speakers are truly the best of the best and personally endorsed by Josh Shipp.

"It's great to get speaker recommendations from others speakers…because they are so picky!"
Janet Leminken, East Douglas HS