Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week #15

Week #15

Be a Role Model


1.  Who are the people in your school who are great role models?  What do they do that is different than other teenagers?

2.  Make a list of the people in your life right now who look up to you or who you influence.  Who did you write down?  Are you a good role model for those people most of the time?  How do you know?


Review the four ways that you can be a positive role model. 1. Apologize; 2. Follow Through; 3. Be respectful to everyone and 4. Work on Getting Better.

As you review this list, one of these is going to cause you to cringe internally because you know you’re not doing it that well.  Come up with a plan on steps you can take to get better at that one area.