Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week #23

Week #23



1. Talk about a time when you procrastinated and it ended up hurting you.  Looking back on it, what happened?

2. Be HONEST. Are you the type of person who procrastinates almost never, sometimes or fairly often?

3. Which one of these reasons seem the most likely reason why you procrastinate?

  • You’re afraid that if you fail, and that other people will think less of you.

  • You often doubt yourself and don’t know what step to take.

  • You’re afraid you can’t complete the project without making mistakes.

  • You get frustrated when obstacles pop up and then get discouraged.

  • You get bored easily when tough tasks that aren’t fun are required.

  • You get a thrill by coming through in the last minute.

4. What could you do to help you overcome those feelings?


Write down one thing that you’ve been procrastinating on that you KNOW you need to do.  Tell your mentor.  Now, in front of your mentor, verbally commit to getting that ONE THING done by either the next day, or if that timetable is too advanced, by next week.  Shake on it.  Tell your mentor you will text him/her when you have it done for the sake of accountability.