Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week #25

Week #25



1. Have you ever judged someone and found out you were totally wrong about them?  What changed your mind?

2. For what reasons do teens most often get judged by their peers?  What kinds of things have you seen?

3. Most teenagers can easily list off times they’ve been judged, but rarely want to think about the times when they’ve been the one doing the judging.  Who are the people you judge?  Who do you secretly not like that much?  Do you treat them differently (I bet you do).  What would it look like for you to treat that person or persons with more kindness?


Hate has a really tough time living near love.  Think about someone who is mean to you.  With your mentor, brainstorm three concrete ways you can reflect back kindness the next time you are in a situation where that person is mean to you.