Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week #29

Week #29

Overcoming Obstacles


1. Talk about when you’ve overcome a formidable obstacle.  What did you do?
2. What is the most glaring obstacle in front of you right NOW?  How is that obstacle affecting you?


Sit down with your parent, a mentor, a teacher or coach and do two things:
1. Explain to them what your obstacle is
2. AND ask for their help in creating a plan to help you overcome that obstacle.

Together, create a concrete plan to take steps to overcome your obstacle.

Ask the following questions:
Why isn’t what you’re doing now getting you the results you want?
What needs to change?
What steps do you need to take?  In what order?
What is your timeline?
How will you know if you’ve accomplished each step?
What structures and people do you need to add to your life to help you?