Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week #32

Week #32

Peer Pressure.


1. Have you ever been successful “getting away from” negative peer pressure?  What did you do?

2. What kind of peer pressure have you given into recently that you wish you had not have?  What was the situation?  What factors contributed to you saying yes?  How do you feel about that situation looking back at it?


Select a time recently where you made a decision to give in to negative peer pressure that you wish you had not.  Often, we give in to peer pressure because our desire to get something is just as strong as our desire not to do something we know is wrong.  In your situation, write a short paragraph or letter about what you were hoping to “get” by giving in to the peer pressure.  What did you have to “give up” to get that?  Did you get what you were hoping to get?  Was it worth it?  What did you learn about yourself?