Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week #36

Week #36

Don't tame a tiger


1. Why do you think Antoine Yates never realized how much danger he was in?  What blinded him to that?

2. Have you ever known someone who had a “tiger” in their life – someone doing something dangerous that had the potential to really hurt them?  What was the situation?  How close were you to that situation?  How did it affect you?


What is your tiger?  What is the area of your life where you’ve invited someone or something into your life that has no business being a part of your life and has the potential to really hurt you. It could be an addiction, something you’re doing you know is wrong, a bad practice, or a person who is a profoundly negative influence, or anything else that’s damaging you.

Be courageous.  Share this with your mentor, your parent, or a trusted adult.  Ask them for help to get it out of your life.