Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week #43

Week #43



1. Be Honest: do you tend to be positive or negative?  Why do you think that is?

2. Josh said that life is like a railroad: that there are always good things to be thankful for and bad things that are difficult.  Right now, make a list of your railroad: at least 3 good things that are going well and you’re really thankful for right now and then 3 things that are bad and difficult right now.  Talk about your list with your mentor.


Take the Challenge:  Take a rubber band and put it around your wrist.  Every time you catch yourself complaining, you must take the rubber band off your wrist and put it on your other wrist and say ONE thing that you’re thankful for.  Try this for one week – and report back to your mentor about your experience.