Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week #47

Week #47

YAY! How To Get Your Parents Off Your Back.


1. What are the things that your parents MOST FREQUENTLY nag you about?

2. Seriously consider your parent’s perspective.  WHY do you think they get so bent out of shape about the things you said in response to Question #1?



This is a tough dare, and will require you to be brutally honest with yourself.  If being mature means that you become someone who is in control of their choices and who can handle whatever life throws at them – then what area do you need to grow in maturity RIGHT NOW.  In what area are you not handling your business?

If you are really brave, and want 1000 bonus points, go up to you mom or dad and ask to sit down with them for 15 minutes.  When they agree, say, “Mom, Dad.  I really want to grow in maturity.  In what areas do you think I most need to grow to become more mature.  And please realize it’s scary for me to ask you this question.”

Talk about what your parents said.  Brainstorm with your parents or mentor what it would look like for you to be more mature in this area of life?  With your parents or mentor, make an action plan of steps to get you there.