Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week #48

Week #48

Discover Your Genius


1. What area of life do you think you might be a “genius” at?

2. When you think about your future, what kind of career do you think might be really fulfilling for you?  What made you pick that?


Brainstorm a list of five adults whose opinion you respect who know you fairly well. Email, facebook, or text them this question:

I have been tasked with asking several people who know me well and whose opinion I value the following question: “What do you think are my biggest strengths as a person?”  Would you please email me or message me a response by (pick a date that’s no more than 3 days).  Thank you so much for helping me discover more about myself.

After the responses come in, review them with your mentor.  Were there common themes or ideas present in what people said about you?  What did you learn about yourself from this activity?