Josh Shipp has spoken to more than TWO million students, parents & educators worldwide. Here are what folks say…

“In 15 years of being in education, you have got to be the best teen speaker that I have ever seen when speaking to a group of adults and teens. My stomach still hurts from laughing so much. Thank you for your message.”

Karla Reisner – Teacher, KS

“You were hysterically funny and had such a powerful message. The two speakers that followed you were NOTHING in compared to your down to earth, chill, funny public speaking. I really was inspired and honestly I feel as though I know you personally. I could not believe your story and how many obstacles you overcame throughout your life- it was so inspiring. I just want to sincerely thank you for being a great role model and person to emulate. You remind me of a funnier, cleaner, cuter Dane Cook with a secret ninja-like message built right into one schweeet guy.”

PA State Student Council

“Josh Shipp is one of the most motivational, entertaining and amazing speakers I have ever seen. I have been to many FCCLA national, cluster and state leadership meetings, and Josh is by far one of the best speakers they have had. Never before has a speaker shared such a motivational story. He came from a baby that nobody wanted to an amazing motivator that everyone should see. If his story and message don’t change the way you look at life, I don’t know what will!”

Former Nebraska FCCLA State Officer

“You really wowed them. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone quite like you – you are so far beyond being entertaining, inspirational, provocative, and brilliant!! There just aren’t proper words in our so-limited English language.”

Jacki Musick – CASA

“Josh’s performance at our school was amazing. He inspired us with his humor, and funny stories of his failures and successes in life. He is so real to the students, they feel he is one of them. By relating to them in their language, he captures them as listeners. Our students listened with their hearts. Josh gave such good advice about striving to live your dreams and living in the 1%. He is inspiring to people of all ages. His energy is limitless and contagious!”

Sharon Walker – Youth Advisor, IL

“I had the pleasure of listening to Josh Shipp at the National FCCLA Cluster Meeting in Nashville, TN. I had heard that FCCLA had great speakers, but I was not expecting Josh Shipp! He was entertaining, hilarious, informing, motivational. He had all 7,000 of us laughing at his wonderful stories to crying at hearing about his rough childhood. BRAVO JOSH SHIPP!!!”

Student – Hillsborough, NC

“Awesome, that is about the only word that there is to describe Josh. He wasn’t like most motivational speakers that have your attention for oh…about 10 minutes before you are totally lost! I was always ready to see what he had to say next. He was extremely funny but at the same time he was teaching us through all the stories he told. He really knows how to keep a crowds attention.”

Casey – Oklahoma Student Council

“You were amazing! The youth absolutely loved you and you were a pleasure to work with both before and during the meetings…I hope every state association books you for their state meeting!”

Sandy Spavone, National FCCLA Meeting Planner

“I have been to 3 National leadership meetings and have been involved in FCCLA for 6 years and have never seen such a wonderful speaker. You had me in laughter, you had me smiling, you had me crying, and you had me believing.”

South Dakota FCCLA member

It was absolutely incredible to see the impact that you and everyone else had on the school, the community, and the entire state. You were a fantastic speaker, and identified and connected with everyone in the audience. And you were funny as crap!

South Western High School

“You were absolutely spectacular. Everybody in the crowd was laughing non-stop. You weren’t just funny though, you also had a great message.”

Minnesota FCCLA member

“Josh Shipp is one of the greatest youth speakers I’ve ever seen. He does an extremely good job relating to youth crowds, even of 1,500 at our State Convention. Josh at times said things that would make the entire audience clench their sides from so much laughter and the next minute silence the entire room with his sometimes shocking and saddening childhood tales. Josh does an amazing job taking the crowd from laughing to crying to reflecting.”

Indiana Association of Student Councils

“Josh Shipp brought the most boring word -assembly- and created it into something to become completely excited for. I remembering laughing until I teared up, and listening until my eyes, once more, flooded with tears. Everyone in the whole audience participated and felt every emotion with his words. And I watched how from laughter he brought the audience to silence. His story touched us all and I feel so inspired by him.”

Student- Alberta, Canada

“Josh Shipp was another one of our great speakers. He taught us to “Seize the Opportunity”. He told us stories about his childhood, and growing up in many different environments. Some of the stories were heartfelt, bringing tears to some peoples’ eyes. Other stories resulted in sore stomachs from all of the laughing. His stories taught us to, indeed, “Seize the Opportunity”.”

American Quarter Horse Association

“You were the best keynote speaker that we have had in a very long time!”

Maryland Assoc. of Resources for Families and Youth

Saying “Thank you” really doesn’t convey our appreciation for
your contribution to the success of our 60th Annual State DECA
Career Development Conference. Your keynote held our students
spellbound. You have a unique ability to magnetize your audience, which is a good thing because they are listening and recording the information in their brains. On Monday, students were overheard saying, “opportunity, opportunity….”

Lettie Dilbeck – State DECA Advisor

Your message was amazing, the way that you presented it really reached out to the youth. I have heard a lot of motivational speakers at events like ILC and out of all of them you really stick out in my mind. Most people jump on stage and say here is my story and then just go on and you really reach out to everyone and entertain and make us laugh while getting your message across. Throughout the rest of convention I heard nothing except positive feedback from both your workshop and your message at the opening ceremony.

Illinois 4-H – Leadership Convention Planning Committee

“Josh was incredibly funny and motivating. He made us all laugh so much and yet he mixed it so well with his seriousness. His story was so touching, and it really made us want to take the ‘opportunity’ to live life to its fullest. I have never seen a speaker quite like him. He makes you think with his great humor and touching story. He is a blast to see.”

Jacey – Thornton, CO

“You’re the best speaker I’ve ever heard, not to mention the funniest one. You also relate to students so well I’d think you were one of my own friends. You were so funny that I was almost rolling on the ground trying to catch my breath. Also the way that you say things keeps me and the whole audience listening to every word that leaves your mouth.”

Kristin Bruhjell – Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School

“To be honest, I think you are the best speaker I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. You made me laugh so hard and you also made me cry. What I’ve heard from my fellow students so far is that they all loved your presentation. I hope my school would have you come back next year for my last year in high school.”

Student – Wausau, WI

“You were amazing! I usually get bored with motivational speakers, but I was laughing hysterically and on the edge of my seat wanting to know what you were going to say next.”

Erica Helton – Tennessee HOSA- Executive Council

“I had never been so interested in a speaker than I was in you. I loved when we played Simon Says and everyone was out within the first instruction. When you told us about your childhood I just wanted to cry me eyes out. I will never forget your speech.”

Jessie Dexter – Missouri Student Council

“It is extremely rare that we have a motivational assembly that actually motivates us. This is second time in my three years of high school where my classmates have laughed WITH our speaker rather than AT him. Bravo!”

Student – Saginaw, MI

“I would just like to take this time to say what an impact you have made in my life and the lives of other teens as well. Your inspiring words and words of encouragement have been the guiding factor to my success as a student, on and off campus. I find the time to sit and read your newsletters because I know that I am hearing something from someone who I can relate to. Thank you for being such a positive influence to the younger generation. The mark and legacy you leave here will touch each and every person and guide them in the right direction for the rest of their lives.”

Aram Allen Nadjarian – Student- California

“When Josh came to speak at my school I was like OH NO another boring assembly, but after a while when I couldn’t even breathe because I was laughing so hard I was totally into it. I know the students at my school had a good time and learned a lot of things too!! Thanks!”

Student – Central High School – Springfield, MO

“Josh was so funny but during all the fun he gave a message about opportunities. I loved it! Then when I heard Josh’s life story I almost cried. That is when I realized that even with all my problems, I have a great life and I am not alone in any of my problems. Thanks Josh, I hope you are at convention next year!”

Student – Pride Youth Programs – World Drug Free Conference

“I have to say I’ve heard a lot of speakers in the last 2 years but you surpass them all. You are on our level, You don’t stand up in front of us and preach to us like you are better than us. You stand in front of us as one of us. And you don’t forget the problems that each and everyone of us face. You make us laugh, but you also know when its time to be serious. You really captivate an audience like no one I’ve ever seen or heard. You have given me a new hope!”

Becky Williams – New York

“AWESOME! That’s how I would sum up your speaking. You started out making me laugh so hard it hurt, to me having tears in my eyes as you told your storry. Thanks again for the motivation, and laughs!”

Student – Mt.Pleasant, MI

“I just wanted to tell you that I loved your presentation at the Student council conference! I was laughing just about the whole time there! You were great!”

Student – National Student Council Conference

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the FCCLA Region 12 meeting. I was laughing until I was crying. When you were telling your story about your childhood I almost started crying.”

Student – FCCLA


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