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How Do You Become More Focused?

If you Google “how to stay focused” you’ll find over 77 million entries on the world wide web! But most of those results are geared towards adults. So what’s a teen to do to stay on track? And how can a caring adult help their teen to stop distractions and achieve more?

Today on Parental Guidance we’ll answer those questions, and provide you with three important keys to staying focused while pursuing goals.

“Focusing is difficult, but impossible and difficult are not the same thing.”

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Staying focused is necessary to accomplishing anything significant in life, whether you’re age 17 or 77. Below are three keys to help you or a child you care about stay on track and minimize distractions.

1. Define exactly what distracts you.
Take self-inventory, be brutally honest. What distracts you? Identify it and then place a self-imposed boundary around that distraction. You have to take responsibility for this for yourself.

Here’s an example: For me I get distracted by the Internet when I have to write in preparation for a podcast, interview, etc. So I identified the distraction (the Internet) and my self-imposed boundary is to write at a coffee shop with absolutely no Internet.

2. Make a very short to-do list.
When you know what you need to do next it’s easier to stay focused. Focus on that next step.  In between where you are and where you want to be there are many baby steps. Have a caring adult breakdown what those baby steps are and then it is your job to solely focus on only that next step.

3. Don’t do this alone.
Find a caring adult or a friend who will check in with you; find someone who will offer encouragement and feedback or suggestions where appropriate.

This could be a friend who is great with focus or wants to be great at it. Or it could be caring adult you trust. Tell them what your current step is and what you need to be solely focused on. Then give them permission to check in with you and lovingly harass you if you are getting distracted, losing focus.

If you want to put some stake in the game. Make a pact that you’ll donate money to a charity or you’ll do something embarrassing or you’ll give your accountability partner $20 if you don’t accomplish your goal by a certain date.

All of us need accountability, encouragement and loving harassment when we get off track. You can achieve the things you want in life, use these three keys and keep your focus on your goal. Remember it’s going to be difficult but impossible and difficult are not the same thing!


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  • Are you great at staying focused. And if you are, have you always been?
  • Have you been able to cultivate a habit of staying focused or are you still struggling with it?
  • What are some techniques you can share with us that have worked? What have you done that hasn’t worked at all?

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