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Cyber Behavior Awareness Week

According to The National Institute of Health teens spend an average of 4.2 hours per day on some sorta electronic device. The same study finds that teens spend around five-minutes per day in meaningful conversation with their parents.

The internet is a MASSIVE influence on your kid.

Now this isn’t a doom and gloom message of throw away your kids cell phone and teach them how to send messages via carrier pigeons. Rather, as caring adults this is a CALL for US to understanding what’s going on and influence our kids to use the internet responsibly AND safely.

I’ve partnered with ZABRA to host a series of FREE events for this year’s Cyber Behavior Awareness Week.


Cyber Behavior Town Hall, 7pm ET
You can attend online from anywhere or in-person if you live in Charlotte, NC


Cyber Behavior Twitter Chat, 7pm ET
Follow #BeCyberAware or click here to submit your question


  • How To Be A Better Parent in the Digital Age
  • Warning Signs of Risky Behavior Online
  • Raising Good Cyber Citizens
  • Guiding Teens Through Their Online Influences

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