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Sexting: What Parents Need to Know

Sexting. It’s one of the more embarrassing topics for parents today and yet, it’s one of the most important to talk about with your teen and it could be happening right under your nose.

The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine released a recent study that reported 1/3 of Texas students over a three year period had either sent or requested a naked photo via email or text. If it’s happening in Texas, it could be happening with in your state…with your teen. In this video I’ll talk you through what sexting is, what to say to your kid to have an open, honest and productive conversation and what strategies to use if it’s happening.

WATCH: Sexting – What Parents Need to Know

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1. Start by having a difficult conversation with your teen and here’s how to do it. Ask this question verbatim: “Have you ever sent or received naked pictures?”

Be that direct because there is zero wiggle room. You’ll either get an honest yes or no, or you will get some kind of squirm or signal that tells you the truth.

2. Help your kid think through WHY they are doing this. Part of our job as parents is to help our kids understand that long-term consequences trump short-term popularity.


PLEASE HEAR ME: This discussion with your teen is important to help prevent or stop sexting. It is tough as a parent but remember this: the only failure we can have as parents is apathy.


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