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03: How Do I Repair My Relationship With My Kid?


If you Google “how do I repair my relationship with daughter“, you’ll get over 8 million results. That means that more than 8 million web sites, blogs, articles, newsletters, podcasts and videos have been created on this subject! Ain’t no one got time for that!!! Instead of spending your time wading through it all, listen to this…

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How to handle “Acting Out”


As a parent, you’ve probably had this experience: suddenly your teen or kid starts acting out and it seems to come out of nowhere. But you can certainly sense that something is off. But what do you do?!? How do you help and help in a way that actually creates a strong bond with your…

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How to STOP Bullying


It’s a heart breaking situation: a kid you care about is being bullied at school. What can you do? How do you handle the situation and help? It can feel overwhelming, frustrating and even frightening. It’s uniquely difficult because bullying now reaches beyond school walls; with the Internet, bullying can be a very real problem…

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