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How to Handle a Kid who is “Acting Out”

acting out

As a parent, you’ve probably had this experience: suddenly your teen or kid starts acting out and it seems to come out of nowhere. But you can certainly sense that something is off. But what do you do?!? How do you help and help in a way that actually creates a strong bond with your kid – and doesn’t push them away?

In this video, I’ll walk you through how to connect, communicate and strengthen your relationship with your kid when they are acting out.


“When a kid acts out…you lean in.”

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1. Uncertainty is a key motivator for why many teens act out. So much of their lives is uncertain, they need to know that YOU are certain. You provide the strongest sense of security and stability for them. Realize when your kid is acting out, you must lean in.

2. If your kid is doing something illegal or extreme, harming themselves or others, or have been acting out for an extended period of time…you should consider calling in a professional therapist for support and guidance.

3. Say this when they are acting out: “I’ve noticed you’re not acting like yourself lately. I’d like to really know what’s going on in your life. I’m here to listen.” Say these exact words and then stop talking: let them share. They will hopefully open up and communicate with you because with these words, you have provided a safe space for them to talk about what’s going on.


PLEASE HEAR ME: You are the most trusted and needed person in your kid’s life; they are relying on you, whether it seems that way or not. Here’s to leaning in…during the good times AND the tough times.


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